By Jonathan Bingham

That Classical Podcast

Kelly Harlock and Chris Bland, two “twentysomethings making classical music hilarious,” The Guardian states, bring the genre to a wider audience via a witty podcast. Both the hosts have strong backgrounds in the genre, Kelly being a producer for Classic FM, and Chris coming from management agencies.

Adagio For Things

The first thing that caught my eye was the catchy name. (Find out where they got the name here.) The next was the episode “Is It Ok To Not Like Mozart?” This is a question most, if not all musicians, will answer only in their minds out of fear of being ridiculed. It’s been my favorite episode thus far. Composers Spencer Snyder, Will Stackpole, and Michael Vince interview composers and performers giving a more transparent view of the progression of classical music.


Garrett McQueen and Scott Blankenship, two radio hosts from Classical MPR, deliver conversations around the current state of our communities in and beyond classical music. These conversations are real, true, vital. The hosts come from different backgrounds and share different perspectives but find a way to compliment and learn from each other.

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