By Teni Sow

Philip Glass, The Hours/Distant Future

If you were in the audience for Stephen Daldrey’s 2002 film The Hours, then you were surely a fan of the Philip Glass score as it gave rise to the piano album, The Hours/Distant Future. The film was a critical and financial success receiving 9 Oscar nominations including best Best Original Score- just another reason why Philip Glass needs no introduction.

Craig Michael Davis, 12 Etudes for Solo Piano

Craig Michael Davis recorded the album himself which gave him the chance to more easily control the emotional content. The album gets personal as it pays homage to the composer’s influences with tracks, To: Erik Satie and To: Michael Gordon. Each etude propels emotions that range from intimate to cinematic. Listeners find this to be true as several of the tracks, such as To: Philip Glass, have been used as temp music for films.

Nico Muly, Drones

Drones is compilation album of three of Nico Muhly’s earlier EPs. Muhly creates accompanying drones to piano, viola, and violin. Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times wrote, “It is hard to describe what makes a composer’s voice authentic. But you know it when you hear it. Nico Muhly has a voice, a Muhly sound.” Drones reminds us that that voice is responsible for musical identity, conversation, and pushing boundaries.

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